Of hair and nails (Tokyo Edition)

Marianne Salon Omotesando
Whenever I head back to Singapore, I would have myself “re-worked” from head to toe, I would have my hair done, pamper my face with facial, maintain my nails, health checks and dental appointment. The main big reason would be the ease of communication since my Japanese is bad and I cannot trust to hand my locks to the stylist here. However, this January I decided that maybe it is time for me to take a “baby” step to try getting my hair done in Tokyo. For details on how to book your appointment and how to make your requests, you can refer to here

Marianne Salon Omotesando
I made an appointment with marianne マリアンヌ at Omotesando on hotpepper website, upon arrival they would ask you to keep your stuff in a locked locker and a short chat session with your stylist (if you did not choose a specific stylist, they would randomly assign one to you). With my not that fluent Japanese, lots of body language and hair magazine. We began our transformation of my straight hair to perm. Japanese perms are usually more natural as compared to the tight curls that we do in Singapore as ladies do go to salon on a more regular basis than us to maintain their locks.

Marianne Salon Omotesando
Usually, the first time you visit a salon the pricing are usually at almost 50% off the usual price to entice you to come again after trying their service before becoming a regular patron. I quite like my first perm at a Japanese salon though I had lost most of my curls after 2 months but this can be easily fixed with a hot curler whenever I go out.

Magique Nail Salon
In Singapore, gelish nails are the rage but over here in Japan most of the nail salons are still using cal-gel (hard gel). Most Japanese ladies have regular manicure sessions for their nails but I only do it occassionally like I did this for my Chinese New Year.

Magique Nail Salon
Magique Nail salon has a few locations and it is a recommended salon from CamCam, a little pricey but I managed to get a 50% off recommend your friend discount from my classmate. The gel nails managed to stay on me for a whole month before peeling off which was considered a good time. The nail stylist had my nails up on her blog site too.

[updated June 10] Received a 30% off discount coupon from them and decided to go fix up my nails since it had been almost 5 months since my last manicure. Was served by the same nail artist and this time I chose a gradient design, still with a clear gel base and yellow shimmer color for a summer feel. My first time with yellow nails and I loved it!

I realise that though it is still difficult to have my hair and nails done in Tokyo due to the language barrier but it can still be done as you can still gesture and get by speaking slowly and in simple English. Guess, I should start to look for a new hair salon soon (LOL)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beauty Box
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 23:49:15

    I totally went through the same thing when I first moved to Tokyo – I was reluctant to cut my hair until I got a solid recommendation at an English speaking salon so I could communicate what I wanted. I’ve since tried a Japanese speaking salon when I moved to my hood and managed to get a nice hair cut.

  2. Xuan-er
    Jun 11, 2014 @ 07:35:21

    @BB: I agree with you that it was tough at first. However, I realise so far they can do the perm exactly the way I like….In SG, they always try to make you perm it as tight as possible so you can stretch the time you can have for your perm…but …you look like a poodle! Of course, the looser perm means you have to maintain it more often but I think permed hair holds up much better here 😉

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