Sakura Starbucks 2014

Sakura season is just around the corner in Japan, but I think the sakura events at Sakura has already ended. Sakura Starbucks products are also highly seek after annually.

This year’s Sakura products were released on Feb 15 and most of the products were all sold out in a few days. The most sought after products this year is the color changing glass that has the petals changed from white to pink when you pour warm water in. I only managed to get my hands on the smaller 360ml Thermos like 2 weeks after where most of the items were sold out in Tokyo just because Sushi san helped me got one at the domestic terminal (Anyway I haven’t decide to sell it or use it yet).

1 thing I don’t really understand is why, Starbucks limited edition products are so hot each time they are released……


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  1. Beauty Box
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 23:51:23

    The changing colours on that tumbler sounds so cool… I never knew Starbucks had such products on sale. It remains a mystery why Starbucks collectibles are all the rage here…I suppose it has a hoshare image here, as opposed to a quick coffee stop in the US.

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