[Sakura 2014] Ueno Kouen (上野公園)

Ueno Sakura 2014
For 2014, The official date that the official Sakura bloomed is March 25 2014. In another 5-7 days, the Sakuras around the Tokyo region would be in full bloom. You can imagine the excitement of everyone living here. Yes, Sakura is a big thing here in Japan and eating/drinking under the sakura trees is like something you must do in Japan to welcome Spring and to celebrate the “new year” since April 1 is when most Japanese would start their new job/new school. In fact, if you are looking for a new place to live, the best time is around March where everyone is busy moving in/out.

Ueno Sakura 2014
Sneak preview of some of the sakura blooms at Ueno Park. Some of the trees near to the main park entrance has already bloomed. Especially this breed of “weeping” style of Cherry blossom.

Ueno Sakura 2014
You can imagine the crowd just around this tree even though it was early in the morning.

Ueno Sakura 2014
The pink variation near to the entrance too.

Ueno Sakura 2014
The rest of the park where the main walkway is still bare, in just another week or so we should expect to see this like from last year.

Ueno Sakura 2014
Still alot of tourists stopping to take photos of the trees that have sakura blooming. Though tourists are expected to peak soon.

Ueno Sakura 2014

Ueno Sakura 2014
More posting to come as we progress into Sakura season. All things pink.

Ueno Sakura 2014
Of course, you can find the 2 pandas in the zoo here beside Sakuras since we are still a week early.

上野恩賜公園 〒110-0007 東京都台東区池之端三丁目

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