Roastery (百塔珈琲)

Another hole in the wall cafe near my hood. My area is very quiet, we don’t even have big supermarkets around that some times I wonder if I am really living in bustling Tokyo.

But it also means there are many little gems hidden around for me to explore.

A quiet cafe for coffee lovers made from coffee beans grounded on the spot. The place seats around 10 people are during the 2 hours I was there, the place never had an empty seat which was another impossible reason to believe since it was weekday afternoon (took this photo when the group of ladies left)

Coffee chocolate set

Coffee of the day. Stick with the coffee if you do want to check out this place 🙂

Address:Roastery (百塔珈琲)東京都豊島区駒込3-23-14 トーカン駒込 2F

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