[Sakura 2014] Ueno Kouen (上野公園)

In just a matter of 6 days, most of the sakuras (cherry blossom) across Tokyo has had reached full bloom stage. Just a few days ago, we saw bare trees with flower buds in Ueno Park but they have full bloomed and the park is now packed with tourists and locals admiring this beautiful view.

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park
The Trees were bare just a few days ago but it is all of a pretty pink…….

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park
Japanese would be all out to admire this short lived beauty with hanamis (parties under the trees).

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park
Tourists are also all smitten with this pretty sight.

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park
This is my second sakura viewing after moving to Tokyo. I can kinda understand why the Japanese love this flower so much. This is such a pretty sight after a long cold winter. Enjoying the cool air and sunshine, eating our favorite food under the tree to welcome Spring. No wonder, the Japanese put their new school term/new work start date to be on April 1st to almost coincide with the Sakura blooming. The power of nature, the fleeting moments of beautiful things. I was really touched.

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park
Some times, new/junior employees’ are asked to “chope” a location in the day and wait for the rest to finish work and come over for the company hanami party. Would you enjoy sitting out there for the whole day? I would be fine with ipad and data plan but I have to make sure I have enough battery to last me through 😛

Sakura 2014 - Ueno Park
More Sakura posting to come cos I would be chasing for these flowers this week while it last 🙂

上野恩賜公園 〒110-0007 東京都台東区池之端三丁目


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