[Sakura 2014] Meguro River (目黒川)

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
Number 2 spot for sakura viewing in Tokyo for 2014 from the current ranking online. This is a stretch of 3.8km of sakura so you can take your time to explore. Most people usually start from Nakameguro Station but we started off from Meguro Station.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
I was puzzled over why the number two spot is not crowded with people, then I later realize why. (to be explained later) Anyway, isn’t ROMANTIC to walk under this canopy of trees?

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
We just see stretches and stretches of fully bloomed sakura.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
The river would be filled with sakura petals when it is end of season. That is another fun activities too to walk under the “sakura rain” where the sakura petal fall on you.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
Some of the sakura trees grew really close to some of the apartments there.

Quick 15 seconds video.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
See, not so crowded and that makes the walk more enjoyable.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
Bridges and along the river are the bright pink lanterns that would light up at 6pm.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
Night sakura.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
Light up with sakura illumination.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
Lots of tripod stands were on the bridges where everyone is trying to get the perfect shot.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
The crowd is actually at Nakameguro side where people can just exit out of the station and enjoy the sakura view.

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
Lots of make shift store selling food and drinks. The place was packed with people

Sakura 2014 Meguro River
What is the most popular drink? of course, rose champagne topped with a strawberry. 500JPY for a glass and most of the ladies were holding this and the gentlemen with a beer in hand.

目黒川 東京都目黒区東山3-1付近から下目黒2-9付近


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