Shimoda, Izu Island – Day 1(a)

[Throwback March] On the way to Izu island.

Ito line
Izukyuko Line where the seats are lined parallel by the windows for the passengers to sit by and watch the beautiful coastline.

Though unfortunately for us, it was raining cats and dogs that we could barely see anything. Boo!


Shimoda is a pleasant city on the Izu Peninsula. It has historical importance as the landing place of several of Commodore Perry’s “black ships” in 1854, an event which marked the end of Japan’s era of isolation and the start of diplomatic relations between the US and Japan.

Japan Guide

The main reason why we were there was to help the local city office test out their travel app. This is pretty comprehensive app with walking routes and recommendations for food and shopping for this small city. Though the English version is still much less detailed than the Japanese one.

Can’t exactly remember the name of this character but I think the TV drama was filmed here and so we can see many of the characters in different position dotting around town.

The famous black ship in this area.

Due to the heavy, we were not able to test out the app fully with their recommended walking tour.

But we definitely used it find the store that we were supposed to pick up our souvenir.

And the local eatery that comes highly recommended on the app too.

Typical Japanese eatery set up.

Home made side dishes

Freshly steamed chawa mushi

Deep fried oysters

Sashimi for one, that is ALOT

Sea Bream in soy sauce.

Orange jelly for dessert.

Address:旬の味 ごろさや静岡県下田市1丁目5-25

Shimoda Omiyage
Since the rain was so heavy, we can’t continue our main goal for today so we had to end early. The rest of the group headed back to Tokyo whereas my friend and I decided to stay over for a night to enjoy the hot spring and continued our journey northwards to check into our onsen hotel.


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