Imaihamakaigan, Izu Island (Kaneyoshi-ittouan) – Day 1(c)

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Meals are not served in the room but in a dining hall but everyone is still separated from each other with a hanging curtain to create privacy.

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Cheers with sweet plum wine!

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Fresh wasabi is famous in Shizuoka.

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Side dish choices….yum yum

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Grilled salted salmon served on bamboo pole.

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Steaming live abalone, within 6 minutes.

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Sea bream stewed with rice wine and soy sauce.

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
lobster broth

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Food to be put into the lobster broth. The sausage was stuffed on bone ribs.

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
Green tea mousse for dessert with a side of Shizuoka’s tasty honeydew.

Imaihamakaigan Ryokan
The main chef won an award 5 years ago for great technique in his culinary. For me it was his family name that caught my attention cos literally it meant “pig’s claw” if you read it on face value in Chinese.

They have a coffee and tea machine at the big lounge so we headed there to sip some after meal coffee and marvelled in the choices of coffee cups available for use.


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