Kawazu, Izu Island – Day 2

Kawazu Sakura
The main highlight for this trip was for us to visit Kawazu (河津) to admire their famous early sakura blooms.

Kawazu Sakura
Isn’t it dreamy?

Kawazu Sakura
Pink Kawazu Sakura verus yellow canola flower

Kawazu Sakura
So glad that the rain stopped!

Kawazu Sakura
It was a Thursday afternoon but the place was packed…

Kawazu Sakura
People people, everywhere!

Dried fish
Dried sea bream is famous in this area. Dried fish is tasted best when grilled.

Kawazu Sakura
If you don’t like fish, you can choose cuttlefish too.

Sakura mochi
A must eat, sakura mochi to celebrate the full blooms of Sakura.

Sakura Udon
Sakura soba (mainly soba dyed with sakura petals to turn it pink) They claim that there is a tinge of sakura smell in the soba.

Kawazu Sakura

Wasabi Bento
Another recommended must eat in Kawazu area would be the Wasabi Don since the waters are famous to be clean and clear which is very important for wasabi growing. So Wasabi don is rice topped with seaweed with a teaspoon of freshly grated wasbabi. A must try for Wasabi lovers. Even if you don’t love wasabi, it is still great to try cos fresh wasabi are not that spicy.


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