Kawaei、Akabane (川栄 赤羽)

うなぎ 鳥料理
Another popular small home style restaurant in our old neighborhood where it is popular for the unagi served. They usually run out by 1-2pm. There was a time when we dropped by at 1pm on Sunday and was told that the unagi had sold out.

うなぎ 鳥料理
Yakitori is also famous here too.

うなぎ 鳥料理
Chicken char siew, more of rolled grilled chicken was definitely thumbs up. It was soft and juicy and so flavorful.

うなぎ 鳥料理
I ain’t a big fan of chicken innards so this was too much in my opinion though I have to admit that it was really fresh.

うなぎ 鳥料理
Tah dah! The famous unagi which is freshly off the grill. All worth the 20 minutes wait. Though, unagi set usually don’t come too cheaply in Japan. Ranging from 2500 – 4000JPY depending on the fatty content of the fish.



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