Misono, Komagome (味園, 駒込)

燒肉 味園
One random Sunday early evening, Sushi san told me that there is a well known Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) place near our neighborhood. I raised my brows and said, are you sure? We live in a really quiet district where it is mainly homes and homes and anything place related to WELL known is not even in my dictionary at our current neighborhood.

燒肉 味園
So we headed over there when which was a 15 minutes walk away when we were told that it was possible for us to have our dinner there if we could leave by 7pm. (Yeah, so we had a really early dinner that night, all the sake of GOOD food.)

燒肉 味園
I think I know why this place is popular. The meats are almost the same as the ones we get at the usual Yakiniku places.

燒肉 味園
I guess it was popular as the meat cuts were thick, not paper thin like many places. It was a thick slab of meat and that would go well when you have the feel of real juicy meat with the oil running down your tongue.

燒肉 味園

燒肉 味園
1 thing about thicker cuts would be that it would take a longer time to cook.

燒肉 味園
But if you don’t mind that the middle is a bit red or bloody than it is all fine.

燒肉 味園
One disadvantage of eating here though is that you would be enclosed in a smoky haze as this restaurant do not have individual smoke ventilators to suck up the BBQ smoke. So imagine that the whole restaurant is so smoky as almost every table around is busy with their own BBQ…..(They do provide you with a big plastic bag to put your bags and coats inside) So, do not visit if you have just had your hair done at the salon 😛

Address:味園東京都豊島区駒込1-16-10 サンハイム駒込 1F

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