My shopping in Seoul for Spring 2014

Cherrykoko Lotte Youth Plaza
I only have 4 hours to shop in my entire trip in Seoul so I had to buy stuff as fast as possible. Of course, I have to pop by my favorite Korean clothing store, Cherrykoko. They have another branch in Seoul but the new store in Lotte Young in Myeongdong is the most convenient for me. They stock most of the items that are online but not everything. Alot of tourists were in the shop when I visited and there were Mandarin speaking staff too. Too bad, I did a big haul online recently so I did not buy anything. Another place that I like to buy clothes from would be the shopping mall (a little like Far East) near the exit 6 of Myeongdong. The prices could be a little higher than the wholesale markets but you can buy 1-2 pieces as much as you fancy. Of course, you can ask for a discount if you buy more than 3 pieces. The prices are in the range of 25,000KRW to 34,000KRW.

Korea Shopping
Of course, what you can’t escape from when you are in Korea, shopping for skincare products. Besides my usual favorites brands like Etude house, Innisfree and Skinfood. I also tried 2 new brands, Hera and Sulwhasoo this time.

Korea Shopping
Freebies received. The prices for the Korean products are still relatively cheaper as compared from buying Singapore or any overseas outlets but you can barely see much 1-1 offers for established brands (unless the brand is new) and the amount of freebies received is relatively lesser as compared to the past. However, it is still great to receive such samples to try out 🙂

Korea Shopping
Something amused me when I was in Innisfree store, they do take care of their soldiers’ skin! Skincare products for their soldiers, from sunscreen to insect repellent with skincare added in. Even camo cream that is good on the skin.

Korea Shopping
My Sulwhasoo haul, from left: Essential Renewing Eye Cream, Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream and Overnight Vitalizing Mask

I am most excited with my purchase of the Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream (though a little pricey) but they claim to have this ingredient that has a thermal protection function which means its adjust to the external temperature to keep your skin at a constant temperature so that it would subjected to the stress from the temperature change and help to defy aging

Korea Shopping
Read about this brand, Hera, on some Taiwanese blogs and decided to give it a try since this brand is currently only available in Korea
Hera, From left: HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Emulsion, HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water, HERA UV Mist Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ and HERA Cell Essence

I only started using the UV mist cushion (right now there are a lot of cushion BB cream on the market like Hera, Laneige and Sulwhasoo but all are from the same Amore parent company), the coverage is a little fair on me even though I bought the darkest color but it does give a natural dewy look. Though coverage/dewy look is not too long lasting as most of it would have melted off by 3pm on me. I am looking forward to try out the Cell essence as I had heard much raves about it, saying that it would give you a dewy look after 30 days.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. deceptivelyblonde
    May 29, 2014 @ 15:22:08

    Freebies! I love getting the freebies when shopping in Seoul. It always makes me feel like I’m getting presents! Only problem was that I could recognize only about half of the items, so i’m still not sure what some of those are supposed to do 🙂 Sigh, I love shopping in Seoul!

  2. Xuan-er
    May 30, 2014 @ 18:36:34

    @deceptivelyblonde: Hi!!!! Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 Yes, even though I currently live in Japan and there is so many thing to marvel too but I just love freebies when doing beauty shopping in Korea too. I also guessed some on some of their uses toooooooo…but i think most of them have english nowadays on their packaging so it is still manageable.

  3. Beauty Box
    May 31, 2014 @ 09:51:44

    What a huge haul! The products look very interesting. Looking forward to your reviews 🙂

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