How much Natto can you eat?

The most famous natto from Japan, comes from Mito (水戸), Ibaraki so since we are in Ibaraki of course we would get to see lots of different types of Natto varieties. So let us check it out!

Mito Natto
Natto Senbei (Natto rice crackers)

Mito Natto
Natto Ramen

Mito Natto
Natto Snack.

Mito Natto
Chocolate coated Natto.

Mito Natto
Natto curry (maybe the cute packaging is needed to entice you to buy it? *grin*)

Mito Natto
Natto Jelly (traditional Japanese jelly)

Mito Natto
Since we are in Town of course, we have to buy the traditional Mito Natto fermented in straw. Not much difference with the usual natto packed in Styrofoam boxes but the smell of the grass is pretty aromatic.

Mito Natto
Next would be eating Natto here.

Mito Natto
Headed to this local eatery famous for their Natto food and we opted for this full Natto course.

Mito Natto
Ta-da! Full Natto course. Let us check out what is in the set?

Mito Natto
Natto Omelette.

Mito Natto
Natto with Tuna bits.

Mito Natto
Natto tempura (wrapped with vegetable)

Mito Natto
Natto Miso soup.

Mito Natto
Side dish of Natto with silver fish and seaweed in ponzu. *Laugh* Can you eat this much of Natto for a day?

Address:てんまさ茨城県水戸市宮町2-2-31 三友ビル B1F

Ibaraki Omiyage
Ok, another interesting find in Ibaraki, don’t worry it is not Natto. Othello chocolate, I guess you play with the chocolate and eat those pieces up?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beauty Box
    Jun 04, 2014 @ 21:20:07

    Wow…. that natto set meal is hardcore. I couldn’t do it…haha…I haven’t cracked this nut yet…;)

  2. Xuan-er
    Jun 05, 2014 @ 15:45:50

    @BB: LOL, when you live with a Japanese who feed you natto daily like you should drink your milk daily than you would be able to enjoy Natto like me. I even explored some Natto recipes that even Sushi san who trained me to eat Natto said that I am too hardcore as compared to him. haha….Anyway, the variety of natto stuff that I saw that day just amazed me.

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