Strawberry Picking / Origami Ramen

Strawberry Picking
[Throw back May]Yeah! Strawberry picking, we were kinda late in the season for this year since most people would pick strawberries in the winter……Summer is almost here so you pick different fruits now 🙂

Strawberry Picking
Catching on the tail of the season, headed to this strawberry farm which is about 1 hour from Tokyo in Saitama.

Strawberry Picking
It was freaking warm! No wonder it was a winter activity as it would a great escape from the winter cold.

Strawberry Picking
Due to the height of how they planted the strawberry in this greenhouse, we had to squat and duck walk to find and pick the strawberries. So imagine, the sweat pouring while we eat our warm strawberries.

Strawberry Picking
But Strawberries are still best eaten fresh where it is just so juicy.

Strawberry Picking
Thankfully, I have Sushi San who went all out to pick all the red strawberries just for the sake for me. *laugh* Thankfully for him, reminder for me to treat him better each day 😉

Origami Ramen Saitama
Since in the vicinity, checked out this pretty high rating ramen store.

Origami Ramen Saitama
List of the available ramen.

Origami Ramen Saitama
The soy sauce ramen was delicious, not too salty and flavorable.

Origami Ramen Saitama
I have grown to love eating Tsukemen in Japan and it just grows on me. I guess cos this is not easily found in Singapore and I much prefer the much stronger flavor and ending the whole meal with some hot soup to dilute the thick broth and drink it up….Yeah, you don’t waste food in Japan.


A cute photo of doughnuts to end this post…..Good Bye Spring, summer time! OMG, the sweat and the heat >_<


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