Seeing a doctor in Japan

Seeing a Doctor in Japan
Eversince I got back from extremely hot Singapore during the quick Golden week holidays, I came back to Tokyo with a fever, cough and blocked nose. I recovered from the sore throat and blocked nose after a week or so but my cough was lingering and I didn’t get good sleep due to my incessant coughing through the night. I finally went to see a doctor in Japan and seriously, I wouldn’t go to visit a doctor. Why? Simple reason – bad Japanese. Not alot of doctors speak English here and living in a district that is mainly Japanese means there is even less doctors that actually can speak English. Luckily, Sushi san took off from work early one day to bring me to the doctor. Seeing a doctor is relatively simple, you just need to present your health insurance card and write down your particulars if this is your first visit and just wait for your turn. The actual difficulty comes after this, trying to explain what is bothering you to the doctor. I tried my best with my not that good Japanese and my hubby filled in the blanks for me but seriously, it was difficult.

My doctor was a kind old lady but then it means her accent was kinda difficult to understand too. Anyway, the clinic was like walking into a time capsule of the 80s where she used all the tools that was sterilized instead of the one time disposal that I was used too.

After you are done with the doctor, I was ushered to the station where you breathe pure oxygen filled with medication to that is supposed to help alleviate your irritated respiratory system. Then you wait for your prescription and pay for your doctor’s consultation.

A local pharmacy that is nearby would serve a few clinics nearby, we just drop our prescription and wait for them to call our name. Since it was my first view, I was asked to fill up my particulars and answer questions of any allergies. Since my prescription contained a inhaler that was supposed to help ease my respiratory system, they gave us a portable video to watch to learn how to use it.

Seeing a Doctor in Japan
Since it was my first time to the pharmacy, I was also given the “medication booklet” which was to be used through Japan. Inside, the pharmacy would print all the medication that was prescribed so it would be to help the doctor and patient keep track of their medical history.

Seeing a Doctor in Japan
Just how much details it goes, even the shape and color of the pill is printed on the envelope that holds your medicine with details of when you should eat the medicine and the use of this medicine.


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