Gelato Pique Cafe, Shibuya Parco (ジェラートピケ カフェ 渋谷パルコ店 )

Gelato Pique Shibuya
If you are familiar with the famous sleep wear girly brand “Gelato Pique” than this is the cafe opened by their brand. Very pastel feel and country side feel in line with the brand image which is usually filled with mush mellow feel of sleep wear.

Gelato Pique Shibuya
Savory crepe

Gelato Pique Shibuya
Croissant sandwich.

Gelato Pique Shibuya
You can just top up a mininal amount to get some drinks that is not included in the set. I think the cafe is worth a visit only if you like their brand and like to check it out.

Address:ジェラートピケ カフェ 渋谷パルコ店 東京都渋谷区宇田川町15-1 渋谷PARCO PART1 2F


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