Ivorish, Shibuya (アイボリッシュ 渋谷店)

This shop just newly opened in Mid april in Tokyo’s Shibuya from their original headquarters in Fukuoka, Japan (West Japan)

My friend wanted to try it out since she did not have the chance to try it when she visited Fukuoka in the past. Since I had classes till 1230 so she went to wait in line first at around 12pm. When I arrived around 1245 (got lost for a little while since this shop was in the basement. But you should look out for this white Ivorish board).

Even after 45 minutes of wait, we were just like close to the entrance. We actually got in after 1 hour of wait. Kudos to the Japanese who have such patience for their passion to try out some thing new…..

Menu is printed like a newspaper which you can bring it home if you like to flip through bright pictures of french toast. Oh yes, did I forget to mention, we waited 1 hour to get in a shop that serves french toast (expensive ones no less)

Then it was another 1 hour wait for our food and guess what was served first..LOL, the sweet french toast that should be served after your savory food right? But we were too famished and started digging it. I didn’t know that cornflakes and french toast go so well with each other. It was really delicious cos it was crunchy and sweet on the outside but a tinge of savory inside paired with sinful whipped cream.

*laugh* Then shortly the entree was served, we got the Shibuya special of steak with french toast. It was a little disappointing for the meat was a little too tough though the portion was huge. I guess, stick to the desserts next time 🙂

Address:アイボリッシュ 渋谷店 (Ivorish東京都渋谷区宇田川町3-3 B1F

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