Tom Yum Kungfu

tom yum kungfu
[Throwback May] ????? Why is there a Singapore post snugged in the middle of all my Tokyo post. I made a quick short trip back to Singapore during Japan’s Golden week holidays and since it was such a short trip, I mainly visited all the joints that I love and spent of the time at home. The only new place that I visited was this highly popular Thai BBQ place at Serangoon Gardens which was full on a weekday evening.

tom yum kungfu
We got the beef, chicken and seafood set. The noodles was actually Tom yum flavored instant noodles.

tom yum kungfu
You use the pork lard provided to grease the top of the grill and start to BBQ your food. The yummy meat lard would just find its way down to the soup at the bottom of the BBQ grill. It was delicious but serisouly, drink ALOT OF WATER if you eat here. I think we did not drink too much fliud so we all ended up with a bad sore throat the next day. (which further aggravated for me due to my binge eating for my precious trip home and ended up sick and visiting a doctor in Tokyo.)

tom yum kungfu
The crabcake was very delicious too. I can understand why the place is so packed. But I guess the whole meal was made more enjoyable due to my lovely girlfriends.

Address:Tom Yum Kungfu 56 Serangoon Garden Way s555952


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