Shibuya Squid Center (渋谷イカセンター)

We were on the hunt of some LIVE squid sashimi and found this wholesale live squid restaurant dotted around Tokyo. We headed to the Shibuya branch and took us a little while before finding it at the basement of the building. In fact, I paused a little before sliding this door open because on first look, it didn’t register to me that it was squid 😛 but a part of a male’s organ….oops.

Like any izakaya in Japan, the place was packed with people on a Friday night and it was a tight squeeze everywhere. Do you spot that blue tank in the background, that is where they would fish out the live squid…..

Even the chopsticks holder was a squid. ….

Of course, you have to eat some sashimi since you are here.

Finally the main star for tonight is served. Different breeds of squids are served at different times of the year. This period they are serving the giant squids that can serve up to 4 tables and the sashimi was a little more chewy.

However, as you can observe, FRESH squid sashimi is served as TRANSPARENT. Those squid sashimi that we eat usually are white or opaque which means they have been dead for some time.

Deep fried cuttlefish.

Fish that had been grilled with sea bath.

The organs of the squid served was made into miso soup that was served to us and we also got a bowl of seaweed soup.

Fresh clams steamed with white rice wine, perfect side dish with your drink since the clams are all fresh and juicy.

Address:渋谷イカセンター東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-10-12 新大宗ビル3号館B1


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