Brasserie de Linstitut (ラ・ブラスリー)

Brasserie de Linstitut
How I came to know about this place? That was because for one of my class activity, to practice our Japanaese. We were asked to call 2 restaurants to make reservations for our teacher. I was praying so hard that it would not be ME, but of cos when it comes to luck. I literally don’t have and ended up having to call to make a reservation. That was how I came to know about this place.

Brasserie de Linstitut
It is a very popular restaurant that is inside the French school near to Iidabashi Station (飯田橋駅), like about 15 minutes walk.

Brasserie de Linstitut
This place is not only popular with the Japanese but also the French community in Tokyo as well.

Brasserie de Linstitut
It was a very hot and sunny day when we went but still the terrace area had many customers. We were lucky to get reservation inside the restaurant that day (I thought we should be able to get seats easily on a weekday) as the place was actually fully reserved for the rest of the week. Wow!

Brasserie de Linstitut
Do you like French food?

Brasserie de Linstitut
haha, if this was really alcohol, we probably would be drunk by now as it was so hot and we kept re-filling our water.

Brasserie de Linstitut
A typical set lunch is around 2000JPY and around 2400JPY if desserts are included. Not really cheap considering typical lunch menus are around 1000-1200JPY. However, this place transforms to a minimum spending of 5000JPY restaurant at night, I guess lunch is still a steal. Cold pumpkin cream soup for my friend.

Brasserie de Linstitut
Warm potato sausage quiche for me.

Brasserie de Linstitut
Both of us got the duck entree. Yeah! It ain’t often you get to eat duck in Japan so whenever there is a choice for duck, I would definitely go for it.

Brasserie de Linstitut

Definitely recommended as the ambience was so not Tokyo, I felt like I was lunching in a small city in Europe. If the weather was cooler, I think eating outside would have been really perfect.

Address:Brasserie de Linstitut (ラ・ブラスリー)東京都新宿区市谷船河原町15 アンスティチュフランセ東京内


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