A short afternoon at Odaiba

[Throwback May] Been almost 2-3 years since I last visited Odaiba, though it is in Tokyo but it is a little out of the way for me (at least 45 minutes away) Since Sushi san had to attend a wedding lunch there so I decided to head over for a little tour while waiting for him to be done.

Paiseh to say that this is the first time I saw the gundam figurine in Odaiba so of course there would be the obligatory memory photo for keepsake.

Venus fort Shopping mall which houses various brands and a small outlet. Surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded that Saturday afternoon, in fact most of the people inside were tourists. It looks almost too empty for a Saturday.

Though the extensive displays at the Lego shop was fun to look at.

I didn’t know that was a Toyota show case and activity centre in Odaiba (called Toyota Mega Web) Definitely recommeded if you like cars, or even if you don’t like cars as there are much activities to indulge in.

There the displays of the various international models of Toyota sold worldwide.

Wait in line to play the motion simulator driving with a normal car and hybrid car.

Or driving simulation of the latest sensing technology in development in Toyota.

Marvel at the displays of the various car models produced by Toyota.

Mini car driving experience for kids on the weekends, adults are allowed only during the weekdays. This is a paid section. Too bad it was a chanced visit, else I would love to try out their Ride one experience where you can reserve a seat to drive on one of the latest Toyota car lines up.

A short but fun trip out to Odaiba, I wonder when would be the next time I would come again 🙂


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