Shokkan, Shibuya (食幹 渋谷)

It is still the rainy season in Tokyo, the perfect time to view these beautiful hydrangeas.

食幹 shibuya
I was commuting to Shibuya daily for Japanese classes, toward the end of my course, I decided to head out to try out the top 10 ranking lunch places in Shibuya. The first stop was Shokkan (食幹) which was at this non fancy building along the street and I thought that place was closed when I walked down the empty stairs down to the basement but I was wrong cos it was full house.

食幹 shibuya
This place transforms to a minimal spending of 5000JPY restaurant when night falls but lunch is served at around 1200JPY. After you placed your lunch order, you can look at the busy chefs while waiting if you are seated at the bar counter like me.

My lunch set!

食幹 shibuya
The fish entree with egg mayonnaise was delicious, I think anything made with Japanese mayonnaise will always stand out. I think Japanese mayonnaise beats other mayonnaise hands down. I always love the tinge of wasabi biting into my tongue.

食幹 shibuya
The place is famous for their tsuke ramen (yeah, odd! since this isn’t a ramen shop) and you can top up a half portion ramen for addtional 600JPY to go with your lunch set. I wanted to try it out so I ordered but it was too much for me. I was forcing down the food on me so towards the end, I wasn’t enjoying my lunch as I got too full. The broth was flavorful but it was too much with a full set lunch. Would love to come back for dinner but it is too expensive 😦

Address:Shokkan, Shibuya (食幹 渋谷)東京都渋谷区渋谷3-5-5 HAKKAビル B1F


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