Butaou Ramen (ラーメン凪 豚王 渋谷本店)

ラーメン凪 豚王 渋谷本店
Another post for a popular ramen chain in Shibuya. This ramen store has a few branches dotted around Tokyo with different flavors.

ラーメン凪 豚王 渋谷本店
This ramen branch offers pork bone soup with black (squid’s ink), green (green spring onions), red (chilli miso) and white (white miso) soup base. Average wait time is around 15- 20 minutes if you head there during lunch.

ラーメン凪 豚王 渋谷本店
Instructions are both in Japanese and English so no fret if you do not speak any Japanese. Just point to the type of noodles (fat or thin) and the degree of how you want it cooked.

ラーメン凪 豚王 渋谷本店
I got the normal white noodles with extra topping (gotta watch my weight since I am eating out so much recently)
I got to say it was a tad too oily but flavorful soup. However, eversince I started eating Tsukemen in Japan, there is no return for me so ramen has taken number 3 priority for me….

Address:Butaou Ramen (ラーメン凪 豚王 渋谷本店)東京都渋谷区東1-3-1 カミニート 1F


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