Hot Summer, Hot insects

One great thing about living in a country with 4 seasons would be that you don’t need to deal with insects issues till the weather warms up. Of course, when we hit summer where it gets all hot and humid, we have problems of mold growth in our bathrooms, rooms etc. We also have to deal with insect issues. My problem isn’t that bad compared to people who stayed in house since I live in a high rise apartment but we still get our share of random mosquitoes and insects which I simply don’t like. So I bought this insect repellent to be placed outside the door which is supposedly to deter the insects away. Anyway, don’t you think that it is so cute? They even have it in Snoopy shape etc.

Of course, there would the fair share of insect deterrent products on the market like this jelly that you can place at your kitchen sink to trap those tiny houseflies. The smell is of vinegar and shaoxing wine so it is supposed to be suitable for the kitchen?

This CM cracks me up when I saw it. You need the help of the ice ghost to help you kill off the cockroaches that might had crept up on you. You can watch the CM from youtube too.

This is a new product that was just released this summer. It is supposed to freeze the cockroach immediately since the cockroach might still wriggle or take its last few steps if you spray the normal insecticide. So no more screaming from the ladies, since they will die on the spot.

Of course, the famous smoking insect deterrent that you can smoke your whole house. Read the details from Danny Choo’s entry.

Of course, cute mosquito repellent coils for the adults and kids since most peple would like to spend much time at the outdoors during summer.

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