Shin Yakitori (鷆 東新宿)

This has been sitting in my draft for a super long time, why? Cos I don’t know who to read the name of the shop. Finally got the chance to ask Sushi san and he just looked at it for 1 second and replied “Shin”….*growl*

Not only the name was a difficult kanji, the location was a little out of the way too. Unless you are in the east side of Shinjuku else you likely won’t come to this area. Since we were in the area, we decided to check out the popular eatery in this area. First up would be the “adult” potato salad which had a generous share of bacon added in.

Of course, yakitori! I love how they are served individually right off the grill so it is glistening with oil when served.

Japanese do not waste any food, so the chicken skin is chopped up with lots of scallions and ponzu and sold as a side dish.

Ok, the vegetable for the night.

Chicken ochazuke, boiling hot tea boiled over the raw chicken cooked the outer layer. I guess only in Japan that you can eat raw chicken 😉

Address:Shin Yakitori (鷆 東新宿)東京都新宿区新宿6-20-6 小山ビル1F


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