Beef Katsu Motomura (牛かつ もと村) / ChaTei Hatou (茶亭 羽當)

牛かつ もと村
For my quest to check out the lunched in Shibuya, this place comes up top place. Firstly, when we talk about Katsu….pork will usually pop up in our head but this place served BEEF katsu. We had to wait in line for around 20 minutes in a crowd full of men. I guess anything that is too much meat is usually more appealing to the men?

牛かつ もと村
Finally, we got to get our lunch set.

See, crispy on the outside but a little rare in the middle. The bread crumbs that is used to coat the meat was flavorful too. The overall combination went really well and it was a filling lunch. It wasn’t too greasy either. Definitely highly recommended.

茶亭 羽當
After a short walk to walk off our lunch, we headed to this really popular cafe in shibuya.

茶亭 羽當
You know how crowded it is in Shibuya and too much concrete jungle but walking into the cafe would make you forget that you are in the middle of the crowded concrete jungle. The atmosphere was very relaxing with lots of artsworks dotted around.

茶亭 羽當
Paintings, woodcrafts and china wear. It was all country and a little fancy too.

茶亭 羽當
Drinks here are not cheap thought, going for 600JPY for a class but the coffee are grinded on the spot and that is why the cafe was aromatically filled with coffee grounds smell. Definitely a nice place to chill from the hot summer heat!

Address:Beef Katsu Motomura (牛かつ もと村)東京都渋谷区渋谷3-18-10 大野ビル2号館  B1F

Address:ChaTei Hatou (茶亭 羽當)東京都渋谷区渋谷1-15-19 二葉ビル 2F


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