Orenofenchi, Aoyama (俺のフレンチ 青山)

俺のフレンチ 青山
Remember the really really popular restaurant that I had to wait in line in the heat, they opened a 128 capacity branch in Aoyama (near to Omotesando)

俺のフレンチ 青山
We arrived at 2pm with a wait time of around 30 minutes and the format was similar to their other branches where most of the space was actually standing room.

俺のフレンチ 青山
Drink orders are compulsory with a small side dish served.

俺のフレンチ 青山
At this branch, they served both the Italian and French menu together under 1 roof.

俺のフレンチ 青山
Pizza with cheese spread, the half boil eggs was broken and spread out right in front of us and welly mixed with the cheese. Very Japanese pizza……

俺のフレンチ 青山
Like the other branches, their specials would run out at first come first serve. Since the opening time is much longer in this branch, they have specials at different timings but we were unfortunately unable to order any specials that day. Only regular menu like this stewed pork cheek.

俺のフレンチ 青山
Smoked duck……

Too much meat for the day, I would still much prefer to come earlier and be able to order their specials if possible.

Address:俺のフレンチ・イタリアン AOYAMA東京都港区北青山3-11-7 Aoビル 1F


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