Oyaki Sisimaru (おやき SiSiMARU)

Sushi San’s co-worker who lived near us recommended this izakaya to us, so we decided to pop by on a early weekday evening at 6pm since the place gets crowded by 7pm and you can’t get in without any reservations.

Upon walking in, looking at their menu and the chef, I thought this place looks really familiar. Looks like Ino which I visited in Ikebukuro. Upon confirmation, we got to know that this is their sister branch in our hood.

Most of the menu looked the same, the food was delicious in Ino so we were not disappointed here too. Chopped tuna seaweed wrap.

My Favorite – deep fried white shrimps.


Japanese do not waste their ingredients so they use up almost every part of the meats or vegetables if possible so it is common to have grilled chicken skin, chicken innards or cartilage. This was grilled chicken from the ends of the chicken breast.

Avocado tomato salad.

Almost look like our hor fun in Singapore, this is stir fried udon in semi wet version. A little peppery else it was good.

Address:おやき SiSiMARU東京都北区中里1-8-10 山上ビル1F

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