66 Doraemons in Roppongi Hills

As part of the Asahi Summer Festival and also to promote the latest Doraemon movie, there are 66 Doraemons statues dotted around the Roppongi Hills.

Doraemon Roppongi Hills
This event runs till August 24 so you can still catch them if you arrive in Tokyo before than.

Doraemon Roppongi Hills
Definitely a must go if you are a Doraemon fan, even if you are not watching these cute Doraemons in different poses would bring a smile to you.

OMG! So cute…….

Do you know that Doraemon was originally YELLOW? Errmmmm, I didn’t know. I thought the yellow one is his sister but Sushi san was like NOOOOOOO! His sister has a ribbon on her, Doraemon was originally yellow but cos his ears was bitten away by a mouse (that is why he is scared of mice!) and so he was so upset with his loss of ears that he turned blue. Gosh, am I deprived of a childhood cos I really didn’t know this little piece of history. However, I am glad he turned blue cos he looks much cuter!

進化活性光線 Yロウ
All 66 Doraemons are in different pose with his gadgets that he brought from the Modern world.

Translating Konyaku, able to speak all kinds of language after eating this

Robotic god who can grant you 3 wishes but if you don’t use it carefully, there are dire effects.

独裁スイッチ 復原光線
Dictatorship switch which can erase people from the earth and reversible light which fixes things to their original state

Imagine all your pictures coming to life.

Fan that have the power of wind

Raise the mood band.

with this it can bring you rain and thunder.

Need some real judgement? Ask the angel.

Dog that remains loyal to the person it first lay its eyes on.

Need to tell a lie?

Things would be opposite to what you say.

When 2 goes under this umbrella, the person on the right would like the person on the left.

Doraemon Roppongi Hills
One of the more famous tools, would be the Anki Pan where you would remember all you need for class after eating it.

Take-copter that would let you fly!

REally cute isn’t it, mini Doraemons, Doraemon’s little helpers.

Of course, the really famous Bring you anywhere door. With this we can go anywhere we want.

Doraemon Roppongi Hills
The latest Doraemon movie was released in Japan on August 8 in 3D/2D

I went to watch the 3D version, apparently in JApan the cost of the tickets included the 3D glasses which you can bring home. You can watch future 3D movies by not paying extra anymore and you can keep using your own glasses. As stated in the ad, this movie would bring tears to you and it did as some parts was really touching and it also kinda like a main summary of how Doraemon entered into Nobita’s life and how he ended up when he grew up due to Doraemon’s help.


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