Itabashi Hanabi (いたばし花火大会 2014)

One of the best fireworks that I viewed in 2013 was the Itabashi Hanabi so we decided to attend the same fireworks again this year. Dolling up myself in yukata, the 1-2 times I get the chance to wear my yukata.

Itabashi Fireworks
Same place with the same huge crowd.

Itabashi Fireworks
We arrived a little close to the start time this year due to some delays and we decided to sit at a small space at the walkway and it wasn’t a good idea. Though we were sitting on the higher side of the slope but then it was definitely a bad bad idea as many people arrived really late due to various delays so instead of being able to enjoy the fireworks with unblocked view, we got an endless stream of people. So we ended watching more heads bobbed past us than the beautiful fireworks.

Itabashi Fireworks
It was still a magnificent 1.5 hours of non stop fireworks.

Itabashi Fireworks
Though, there was so many people who kept walking past us.

Itabashi Fireworks

Itabashi Fireworks

Itabashi Fireworks
But still, it was great to be able to enjoy the fireworks in the Summer where it means you have enjoyed Japan’s summer with wearing a yukata, watching fireworks and eating shaved ice!

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