Ouka (桜家)

Since we were in the vicinity of Mitsukoshimae to watch the new 3D Doremon movie and decided to have our lunch in this area. But the district was packed with people visiting the goldfsh exhibition so we headed over to the next door building to look for lunch instead.

Decided on this Kyoto cuisine restaurant.

Premium lunch set at 2500JPY, the lunch set would include sashimi, a salad, rice and a meat entree.

Roast beef which was soft.

This salad was really delicious, still can’t figure out what was the crispy bits but it was really delicious. wondering if it was deep fried radish or bee hoon?

The normal sashimi lunch set at 1500JPY.

Delicious sashimi. Oh Japan, I would miss your sashimi…..

Wind chime = Summer……..In a twinkle of the eye, Summer has passed and gone…..

Address:京のおぞよ 桜家東京都中央区日本橋室町2-4-3 日本橋室町野村ビルYUITO 3F


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