Garrett cafe meets DOWNSTAIRS

Garrett CAfe
Mercedes + Popcorn = Mercedes cafe

Garrett CAfe
Hard to imagine a shop advertising about Mercedes cars would also have a cafe right? Welcome to Japan!

Garrett CAfe
On the second floor of the Mercedes shop would be this pop up cafe in collaboration with Garrett popcorn.

Garrett CAfe
100 driving cds on recommendation too.

Garrett CAfe
white backdrop with open space, very spacious and sleek cafe for you to spend the rainy afternoon.

Garrett CAfe
You can also marvel at the various Mercedes exhibits available too

Garrett CAfe
Looks interesting.

Garrett CAfe

Garrett CAfe
Popcorn ice cream, I think it is a perfect match with savory popcorn with ice cold creamy ice cream.

Garrett CAfe
Though popcorn pizza is just average to my mouth palate likely due to the taste of frozen pizza (Japan have spoiled me with freshly made food) but still interesting to try.

Address:Garrett cafe meets DOWNSTAIRS東京都港区赤坂9-7-4 東京ミッドタウンガレリア 2F


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