Sharin Ramen, Ueno (舎鈴 アトレ上野店)

Ueno Ramen
Always met with a long line when I passed by this store in Ueno. I thought that this was a branch of the famous Rokurinsha Ramen and decided I must eat here one of these days.

Ueno Ramen
This place is famous for their tsukemen too…..

Ueno Ramen
Yummy! Like I have mentioned before, once I had my first tsukemen in Japan. There was no more going back, always tsukemen for me from them. I just love their extra flavored soup for dips.

Ueno Ramen
Not a big portion so it was easy to finish it up.

Ueno Ramen
One tip is to remember to ask for “スープ割り” (suupu wari) after your finish your noodles and with remaining soup dip. This is the best part of having tsukemen, drinking the diluted soup after they added hot pipping soup either of fish, pork or chicken based. Yummy!

Address:舎鈴 アトレ上野店東京都台東区上野7-1-1 アトレ上野 1F


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