Kyushu (Beppu) – Day 1(b)

Beppu day trip
It was already a late 2pm when I was done from my hike. Time to find some food, highly recommended on their city page was this restaurant serving steamed food with the hot spring steam.

Beppu day trip
First you buy your food tickets from the vending machine and another additional charge of 510JPY for you to use this steamer.

Beppu day trip
You wont get hurt from the steam as they would be standing next to you to give you the instructions and you have to put on the protective sleeve and thick rubber gloves before you can put your food into the steamer. (The staff could speak some English as there were a lot of tourists trying it out)

Beppu day trip
Giving the instructions and started our timer.

Beppu day trip
After we put in our food.

Beppu day trip
I got the seafood set that was 2000JPY and waited 15 minutes for it to be done. Then we have to go pick up our own food.

Beppu day trip
You can also get some boiling hot spring water for a drink.

You paid for your meal right? But you have to steam your own food, you are also requested to wash the dishes and trays after you are DONE! *wide eyed* Interesting experience but the food was a little disappointment as the food was frozen which went straight to be steamed.

Address:地獄蒸し工房 鉄輪大分県別府市風呂本5組(いでゆ坂沿い)

Beppu Station
Then it was a 30 minutes bus ride to Beppu Station.

95 yen shop
It is true that the standard of living is lower in other parts of Japan out of Tokyo as you can actually find a 95 YEN shop, which is 103 Yen after tax. CHEAP!

Beppu Market
Market street near Beppu Station.

Beppu Budget Hotel
Accomodation for the night is Gloria Capsule Hotel. Gasp! Capsule hotel.

Beppu day trip
Most of the time, capsule hotels in Japan are mainly men only so when I found out about this capsule hotel with a ladies’s only floor, I decided to try it out. It was really cold in this cold corridor, they have air purifiers turned on too.

Beppu day trip
Lockers for those who are staying in the capsules and how a capsule looks like.

Beppu Budget Hotel
A peek into the capsule, just a bed with electrical sockets and a light. 1 night costs 2000JPY.

Beppu Budget Hotel
I booked myself to a private capsule which means you have a small private area for your locker and you have your own personal TV. It is 3000JPY for 1 night.

Beppu day trip
Alas it was very warm inside as the air condition was only available in the corridor but not into the capsule beds area.

Beppu day trip
Communal toilet and washing up area, you can wear your room/locker keys on your wrists. Guests can make use of their inhouse hot spring for your showers. It was an interesting experience but it would had been better if it wasn’t so hot. I guess I wasn’t too bored since I had a TV in the bed else capsule hotels is just for you to sleep if you plan to return late.

Beppu Izakaya
Recommended izakaya from my hotel front desk but he wasn’t sure if I can get into this place as it seems to be always full. I decided to have an early dinner at 6pm with no reservations. Since I was alone, they were able to sit me at the counter seating but subsequent patrons with no reservations were all turned away.

Beppu Izakaya
Very cosy izakaya.

Kyushu Saba
Fresh Saba sashimi

Beppu Tentori
Famous food from Beppu – Ten Tori (deep fried chicken tempura). Too much food for 1 😛


My 103JPY buy from Beppu, this nifty neat gadget use for my milk cartons. No more opened milk cartons with their mouths wide open! Smart and cheap gadget.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chong
    Nov 21, 2016 @ 16:05:28

    Hello there 🙂
    I am Chong, nice to meet you.

    I would like to check with you with regards to Gloria Capsule Hotel {Kyushu (Beppu) – Day 1(b)}

    Is there wifi provided in the rooms and are there private showers?

    Thank you for your posts , I may try visiting them.

    Have a great day 🙂

  2. Xuan-er
    Feb 08, 2017 @ 15:11:41

    Hi Chong, sorry for the super late reply. I stayed in a capsule room that time, I think wifi was only in the lobby. I always get a data sim when I was traveling. No private showers but a common bath room and toilet to share. It was cheap and clean!

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