Kyushu (Nagasaki) – Day 3(a)

Good morning! Breakfast buffet food.

Hakata station
Though a free shuttle is available but it takes around 20 minutes to reach Hakata station so we decided to walk that 10 minutes to the station instead.

Train ride to Nagasaki
Taking the train for the next 2 hours to head down south to Nagasaki.

Nagasaki, a city that ebbs of old town atmosphere.

Nagasaki Church
The main form of transport in Nagasaki is the electric tram or bus. Most people use the tram daily and it is 120JPY per trip. We bought the day pass for unlimited rides on the tram for 500JPY.

Nagasaki Church
The electric tram of Nagasaki.

Nagasaki Tram
Tram riding is always so reminiscent of the past.

Arriving at this restaurant that is supposedly to have invented the famous Nagasaki noodles, called Champon.

Nagasaki Lunch

Champon is made by frying pork, seafood and vegetables with lard; a soup made with chicken and pig bones is added. Ramen noodles made especially for champon are added and then boiled. Unlike other ramen dishes, only one pan is needed as the noodles are boiled in the soup.


Champon was invented by the owner who wants to be able to fill the stomachs of the Chinese students who were in Nagasaki with something cheap, healthy and tasty.

View from the busy restaurant.


Just opposite the restaurants would be various historical tourist attractions of Nagasaki.

Outside the toy museum..


Ōura Church (大浦天主堂) is a Roman Catholic church in Nagasaki, Japan, built soon after the end of the Japanese government’s Seclusion Policy in 1853. It is also known as the Church of the 26 Japanese Martyrs. It was for many years the only western-style building declared a national treasure, and is said to be the oldest church in Japan


Nagasaki Church

Nagasaki Church



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