Takano Shinjuku (新宿高野 本店)

We know fruits are really expensive in Japan. Especially certain grades of fruits, a watermelon can go as high as 20000JPY for one!
Takano itself is reputed for selling expensive fruits, so be pleased to get the chance to eat a tiny bit of these expensive fruits from their cafe.

They have a buffet too but the line is really long by 11am and the wait time is usually 90minutes.

We headed straight to the cafe side for their ala carte menu and there wasn’t a line at 11am but when we were done at 130pm, there was already a line for the cafe side.

Doesn’t it look delicious?

Roast beef sandwich with muscato grapes parfait.

Pricey at 1900JPY for a dessert but considering a bunch of Muscato from their fruit store starts from 8000JPY, this is considered 25% of the price.

I went there in late August so peaches were still in season. My friend order the white and yellow peach parfait. So delicious! So pricey that I cannot go back again often unless it is for a special treat.

Address:新宿高野 本店東京都新宿区新宿3-26-11


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