Korea day 2(b)

Suwon fried chicken street
Since it was too hot for us to continue hiking around the fortress, we decided to call it a day and chanced upon the the fried chicken street of Suwon.

CollagSuwon fried chicken streetes6
Since we are in South Korea, chanced upon the fried chicken street, No way we can walk away from it right?

Suwon fried chicken street
Fried chicken + beer = best combination for the summer heat 🙂

Nine Tree Hotel
Then it was another 1.5 hours of train ride till we came back to Myeongdong, our stay for the night would be Nine Trees Myeongdong, a really popular hotel in this area.

Nine Tree Hotel
relatively new, so most stuff are still new. We got a double bed room this time, perfect size for two and I love the fact that it is new and clean.

Supe convenient location too, just 2 mins from Exit 8 of Myeongdong Station.

We were there for the Saturday night so it was super super crowded on the Myeongdong streets by 5pm. We barely have any space to walk.

Noryangjin Fish MArket
Noryangjin Fish Market is one of Korea’s biggest fish market.

Noryangjin Fish MArket
Over here, you can choose your seafood and bring it to the restaurants in the market and pay them a fee to prepare the food for you.

Noryangjin Fish MArket
We were there with our Korean friend so he could do all the bargaining and requests but he said he was sure that tourists who don’t speak Korean would be charged much higher. So if you don’t mind being overcharged, I guess it is a great experience for some fresh seafood.

Noryangjin Fish MArket
We didn’t order a lot of seafood as we were all still full from lunch and wanted to save our space for some desserts.

What you should try when you are in #Korea – wringing live #octopus .

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But we didn’t miss the main dish of the day – live wringing octopus.

Korea Dessert
This a chain Korean dessert shop but I think it is worth a visit.

Korea Dessert
Especially for their traditional Korean shaved ice, peanut powder with red beans.

Korea Dessert
Shaved ice like snow powder and it was soooooooo good. Their mango shaved ice was great too but a little regrettable was the fruits were frozen fruits.

Ginseng Sanitary pad
Something interesting that I found on the shelves from the supermarket, ermmm…ginseng sanitary pad. I came to know of a friend who actually does use it and swears by it saying that it is good for our female genitals. (But I don’t know anything as I didn’t buy it so it is all hearsay)


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