Korea Day 3

myeongdong breakfast
Another random find for breakfast at Myeongdong, just walked into a 24 hours eatery to get our tummies filled. Korea would be a perfect heaven for spicy food lovers as even breakfast is spicy kimchi soup.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Then we headed out to the all hippy Hongdik University area to meet up our friends for lunch. I visited at an awkward time when the left over summer sale products weren’t too much to choose from and Autumn clothes weren’t too suitable for me. So not very happy in the clothing shopping this time.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Our friend brought out to this black Angust beef BBQ place for lunch.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Forget about dieting when you are travelling 🙂

Hongdik University, Seoul
Steamed rice served pipping hot in a metal container.

Hongdik University, Seoul
We got the beef set for 4. This is really funny as we had no space to put this long platter on our table. The server just placed it on Sushi’s hands. We thought he did that because he wanted to clear space on the table and take it back from Sushi to put it on the table. On the contrary, he WALKED off leaving that platter on Sushi’s hands. LOL.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Delicious Korean BBQ. Yummy!

Hongdik University, Seoul
Do you that radish pieces are used to clean the burnt hot plate like a cleaning brush? I didn’t know. Another tip to learn.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Random street find, kinky Mickey and Minnie caught in the act.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Arts flea market

Hongdik University, Seoul
lots of handmade products on sale.

Snow Spoon
Snow spoon, famous for their yogurt.

Snow Spoon
And their cute character popsicles

Snow Spoon
Nice to chill out from the remnants summer heat in Korea.

Snow Spoon
Tried out rice and red wine yogurt but I guess I still prefer the sourish taste from plain yogurt.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Just some random walking along the streets.

Hongdik University, Seoul
We know about the red bean filling taiyaki from Japan. In Korea, they stuffed it with ice cream instead.

Hongdik University, Seoul
Caught some gungfu actions at the stations

After we bade good bye to our friends, decided to chill out at one of the many cafes in Myeongdong. Coffee shops are aplenty in Korea, perfect for some chill out from the busy Myeongdong streets.

selfie stick
One of my best fun purchases this short Seoul trip, a selfie stick. Most tourists on the streets were spotting one and it is about 10,000KRW for one in Myeongdong. I bought mine for 5,000KRW when I saw it at a cheaper price.

Selfie stick, remote
There was 1 that connects via bluetooth for 20,000KRW but I guess with the self timer mode on the phone will work.

on the way to gimpo
Good bye Seoul, 2 short trips this year was fun. It is really convenient to visit Seoul from Tokyo as it is only about 2.5 hours away.

haneda airport
Crowded Baggage claim area, looks like weekend trips are popular with Japanese too.


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  1. Beauty Box
    Oct 20, 2014 @ 21:30:57

    Would love to visit Seoul again! Your pictures make your trip sound like so much fun 🙂 The photo of the spicy soup makes me want to re-create it at home!!

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