Korean skincare

Etude House
A trip to Korea won’t be completed without stocking up your beauty products. I think I have much more self control now compared to how much I bought in the past. However, I am already keen to check out new stuff. Etude House hauls, pretty much love the Darling snail masks after my friend introduced it to me. The rest of the items were just random pick up just because I want to try it out.

My friend also raved about the Innisfree volanic pore mask so I decided to get one to try it out. 2 Chinese ladies was asking the sales lady to bring out whatever Innisfree second skin sheet masks that was available in the shop as they wanted a minimum of 100 pieces each. Upon hearing it, I grabbed a few pieces of it before it is all gone. It doesn’t come cheap, about 4500KRW per sheet but it is so thin that it really adheres to your skin like second skin. The quality of the sheet mask paper was almost the same as the Sulwhasoo’s innerise complete mask but at half the price of it so I figured it would be a good replacement buy compared to Sulwhasoo.


My Sulwhasoo haul, eversince I started my Sulwhasoo regime in April this year. There is no return back as the products are slightly cheaper compared to the more high end Japanese brands, plenty of free samples and I love anything Ginseng. This time I picked up the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil which could easily remove waterproof eye make up too, Snowise EX Whitening Fluid, Essential Revitalizing Serum, Snowise_EX_Whitening_Spot_Serum, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream (love the ginseng smell, but this is kinda rich so I would recommend it on older women so I bought this for my mum) and my favorite moisturizer from them, Renodigm_EX_Dual_Care_Cream

Same other HERA products, I really like their UV Mist cushion but it wasn’t too suitable for warm and humid weather. This trip, I managed to get their long stay version which was sold during summer. I felt this would be good for Singapore wear, can’t wait to try it out.

Hera Homme
Finally, some Homme products from Hera for Sushi else it would be unfair that we got nothing for him right *wink*


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