Henri Charpentier Ginza

Henri Charpentier
By this time, the Singapore Henri Charpentier has already opened its branch in Singapore. (Would eventually check it out soon)

Henri Charpentier
I met up a friend for a weekend lunch sometime back since both our husbands were working. Since we had an early lunch, it quite a perfect time to head over Henri Charpentier at 130pm since the crowd usually would come in at around 3pm.

Henri Charpentier
Do you know that the toilet entrance is just behind this faux bookcase.

Henri Charpentier
The contemporary purple and black theme was pretty grand.

Henri Charpentier
We ordered the most famous item from their menu, their Crêpe Suzette which is prepared right before your eyes with a copper pan with Butter, orange juice and liqueur

Henri Charpentier

Henri Charpentier
The start of the performance of cooking the crepe right in front of you.

Henri Charpentier
Can’t wait to taste this. Flavorful sauce with the plain crepe.

Henri Charpentier
Chocolate dessert platter, the theme for autumn.

Ginza Streets
Do you know that the main Ginza streets is a pedestrian’s heaven during weekends? No vehicles are allowed and the city would place tables and seats in the middle of the street for shoppers to take a break.

Ginza Streets
Too bad it was so hot in September, would love to sit there when the weather cools down.

Address:HENRI CHARPENTIER東京都中央区銀座2-8-20 ヨネイビル 1F・B1F


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