Odaiba Bills

Bills Odaiba
[Throwback September] Still warm in the day but cool in the night in mid September.

Bills Odaiba
Made it to Bills again, this time to their Odaiba location on a weekday. The line at Omotesando is too long and unless you are willing to wait for 2 hours, it is probably more advisable to go to their other locations.

Bills Odaiba
Their interior is always so spacious like other their other locations (So far, I have visited their Omotesando and Yokohama locations)

Bills Odaiba
Their sofa seats.

Bills Odaiba
Their bookcase seating.

Bills Odaiba
Yeah! The great Aussie breakfast that I wanted to check out all these while.

Bills Odaiba
Finally, on my 3rd visit. I get to try their famous scrambled eggs. Cooked on the outside but still runny inside, add a dash of pepper and it is all eggy and fluffy still.

Bills Odaiba
LOL, the waitress was so worried that we couldn’t finish off a full breakfast followed by their pancakes. We were having it for brunch so I guess, eating for 2 meals. We had a hearty meal indeed.

Bills Odaiba
Perfect day out at the bays.

Hello Kitty Goods
They have a lot of shops with goods catered for tourists.

Hello Kitty Goods
So we have this shop with lots of Hello Kitty products, including a hello kitty backpack 🙂

Address:Odaiba Bills東京都港区台場1-6-1 デックス東京ビーチ シーサイドモール 3F


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