Attending a Japanese Okinawa Themed Wedding

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
[Throwback September] Japanese wedding always impressed me.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
This was the first formal wedding I attended after my own wedding in Tokyo after almost 2 years.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
We attended his college friend’s wedding which was held in a Japanese style wedding hall. In Japan, you can choose to have your wedding held in hotels, restaurants or wedding halls. Leave your wedding in the hands of professionals who organise weddings on a daily basis.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
The theme was black and red. Lots of the prints was Okinawa design.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
We were asked to start off with our starters while waiting for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
The second dish was actually a western and chinese fusion, chinese bamboo and mushroom soup served with bread crust on top.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
Stone grill beef cubes. Place our beef cubes on the swizzling hot stone and grill it to how we want it done.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
Foie gras on top of mashed potato.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
Dessert was jelly, fruits with a slice from the wedding cake.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
When we were done with dinner, the servers came out with plastic bags and place all the floral table arrangements into plastics bags and the guests from the tables would pick the floral pieces they like to bring home. This surprised me alot as this was the first time I see this.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
Apprently, this is pretty common at some weddings in Japan. You can bring back the table arrangements.

The couple also hired the traditional lion dance from Okinawa to dance in their wedding. If the lion came forward to you and place its mouth over your head, it means you would have good luck. I guess I was lucky to be eaten up by the lion.

Okinawa people are really a passionate and warm group maybe due to the tropical weather in their islands. They all started dancing away when the Okinawa musicians played the Okinawa tunes.

Japan Okinawa Themed Wedding
Guess where is this? It is the female rest room in the wedding hall! You have to cross the bridge to get to your cubicles.


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