Muji Cafe / Zenon Cafe in Kijijoji

A popular spot for young people in tokyo as it is only 15 minutes away from Shinjuku toward the west and filled with lots of shops and restaurants. It is also crowded on a weekday afternoon.

吉祥寺 muji cafe
Muji Cafe is recommended for patrons with young children as they not only have healthy menus for mothers but also provided Stokkes high chairs for young children. We arrived at 1130 when they just opened, by 1230 the whole restaurant was mixed with mothers with their young children out for lunch. I guess it is really popular with mothers with kids. List of various Muji Cafes in Tokyo

吉祥寺 cafe zenon
Meal selections comes with either 3 mains or 4 mains (at 850JPY/1000JPY respectively). Portions are considered small as I am quite a big eater but I guess all for the reason for HEALTH 🙂 You can also top up for miso soup or desserts.

Address:Muji Cafe東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-7-1 丸井吉祥寺店 7F

吉祥寺 cafe zenon
1 of the favorite activities in Tokyo for me is the after meal desserts. Gasp! (looking at my thickening waist line) I never had a sweet tooth till I came to Japan and marveled and impressed by their cakes and desserts which was not too sweet and flavorful. I think I ate too much sweets after arriving in Tokyo.

吉祥寺 cafe zenon
This cafe is pretty popular in Kijijoji due to their wonky decorations. Lots of cartoonish goldfish arts and books as their chandeliers.

吉祥寺 cafe zenon
And famous for their coffee art which can be requested upon requests for special ocassions (at an additional cost, of course)

吉祥寺 cafe zenon
Didn’t we just had lunch?

The play crowd at the kids’ play area on a weekday afternoon. Stark difference as I am used to weekend play crowds in Singapore. I guess that is because of the higher number of full time mothers in Japan. Sometimes I do wonder the pros and cons of a full time mother versus working mother. The perils of a modern women…..

Address:Cafe Zenon東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町2-11-3

Received this pretty Luduree mini flower blush from my friends which is too pretty for me to start using.

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