Sushidokoro Marui Ginza (銀座寿司処 まる伊 銀座総本店)

Ginza Sushi Lunch
From cheap sushi in the previous post, we head on to a more expensive sushi place in Ginza. This place is a minimum spend of 6000JPY restaurant for dinner but lunch sets are affordable at around 1500JPY

Ginza Sushi Lunch
The lunch offers. If you can afford the time, it is a way to save money for your wallet to try out more pricey eateries during their lunches.

Ginza Sushi Lunch
A nice sushi place.

Ginza Sushi Lunch
I got their nigiri sushi plate

Ginza Sushi Lunch
My friend got the tuna don.
This place is worth a try if you are in Ginza looking for good and affordable sushi.

Address:銀座寿司処 まる伊 銀座総本店東京都中央区銀座3-8-15 銀座中央ビル 1F・2F


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