Shuns Ginza (旬s 銀座店)

串揚げ Ginza
[Throwback September] Once in a blue moon treat from Sushi san since we don’t visit Ginza that often since it is a little atas for my taste.

串揚げ Ginza
We decided to go for some stick tempura which originated from Osaka. Basically it is just tempura on sticks.

串揚げ Ginza
The server told us that we can dip our tempura sticks into the 5 sauces/salts provided. Vegetable sticks and cabbages were served on the side to ease the oily food.

串揚げ Ginza
So how do we know which tempura stick is to be dipped into which sauce? This is solved by depending on where your chef would placed the cooked stick on the serving plate which is also divided into 5 sections.

串揚げ Ginza
For example this prawn tempura stick is to be dipped into the sauce plate, second from right which is the sea salt.

串揚げ Ginza
So our dinner just goes on depending what the chef whipped out and where he place the item we would dip it accordingly to the order of the sauce plate. There is no menu for this place, you eat what the chef cooked for you but you can let the chef know in advance that you would like to stop after x number of sticks.

串揚げ Ginza
Some lemon sherbet for dessert before we ended our dinner treat in Ginza.

Address:旬s 銀座店東京都中央区銀座2-6-5-1002 銀座トレシャスビル 10F

A little side story from this dinner. About 2 months ago, I was introduced to non hole earrings (or non pierced ear ring / clip on earring) by my friend in Tokyo. I never had a liking for clip on earrings as they were so painful. However, the Japanese ones are made so delicately that it was painless and they have so many fancy designs that I am a hopeless convert of it now. (I bought 5 pairs in a span of 1.5 weeks, probably do a blog post on that in future)
anyway, 1 downside is it would drop off easily if you flick your hair like without care or it got loose. I dropped a “loop-fit” earring when I was having dinner in this restaurant. At that point of time, I wasn’t sure if I dropped it there or along the way to the restaurant. But we still informed the restaurant before we left that we could have dropped an earring. The staff did a quick check at our seats but did not find anything. We were asked to leave our contacts and she even drew the shape and design of the earring. we got a call from them 3 days later, informing us that they did a thorough check and FOUND IT!. OMG! I was ecstatic since the earring was so new but I am just so impressed with Japanese customer service again. It is a really tiny item and they still found it after a few days, which I wonder how many places are willing to “remember” or help their customers for it. (Anyway, this is not the earring that was lost and found, this design is one of the more sturdy one I bought….hmmm, it really seems I really should have a post on earrings eventually ;))


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