Ginza Satouyousuke (銀座 佐藤養助)

Ginza Udon
Though we were just in Ginza the night before but we were back again this time early in the morning to buy my luggage bag. Since we were early, we decided to head over to one of the most popular udon old time store in Ginza. We arrived at 11:15am as number 5 in line but by 11:30am, just minutes before opening time, the line had snaked to be at least 20 people.

Ginza Udon
The restaurant was full about 30 minutes into opening.

Ginza Udon
I got the tempura udon set with 2 dipping sauce – soya and sesame.

Ginza Udon
The udon are the fine thin ones who looks like soumen (thin buckwheat noodles) but as udon, they are more tangy and chewy. I am never a udon fan but I totally loved the udon from this shop.

Ginza Udon
sushi san got the cha-jiao mian version of noodle but I thought the miso minced meat sauce was a little too salty for my taste.

Address:銀座 佐藤養助東京都中央区銀座6-4-17 出井本館 1F

Suitcase shop in Ginza
The main big reason why we returned to Ginza the next day was to buy a large suitcase from this shop in Ginza (shop’s name is Ginza Karen) Why go all the way to Ginza to buy a suitcase? Well because it is REALLY CHEAP! suitcases in all sizes are all sold for 5400JPY (small, medium or large) Of course, do not expect really good quality but it doesn’t feel that bad. I had passed by this shop many a times when I passed in Ginza and it is always packed with Chinese tourists buying suitcases in troves. I don’t know why they need to buy 2-3 suit cases at the same time. In any case, I think it is really cheap to pay only 5400JPY for my 29 inch red suitcase. Tip: Go before 12pm if you want to be able to choose colors that you like as their new stock arrives daily at 10am. We were there the night before at 7pm and only carry on and 24 inch suitcases in black/gray was available.

Directions to shop: Map Link From Tokyo Metro Ginza station, take the A2 exit. Walk straight, you will pass by GU follow by Uniqlo. It is a few shops further down.


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