Toshi Yoroizuka Roppongi Midtown (トシ ヨロイヅカ)

Toshi Yoroizuka
[Throwback September] 1 of my girlfriends have been wanting to try out this dessert shop forever as it is pretty famous in Tokyo and reputed for making your order on the spot. We arrived at around 230pm and only needed to wait around 15 minutes for a seat but I think the crowd got a little more close to 330pm on the weekday we were there.

Toshi Yoroizuka

After practicing for eight years in Europe where he learned about the origins and the basics of pastry, Toshihiko Yoroizuka opened his own store in Ebisu, Tokyo. He then established his own sweets-style focusing on a sense of “live,” offered through savory ingredients and fresh-baked sweets in Tokyo Midtown and Hachimanyama, Suginami ward. In 2000, he won the edition of the “INTERSUC 2000 Paris” competition.

Toshihiko Yoroizuka

Toshi Yoroizuka
Menu was in Japanese but since we were mainly speaking a foreign language (Mandarin and English) in the small store. The staff asked if we needed a English menu, the English menu had drawing illustration on the side too. It help us made our choices much faster with visual help. Fret not as there were choices between hot and cold dessert.

Toshi Yoroizuka
We were all served a shot of orange carrot juice to freshen us up while waiting for our desserts to be served.

Toshi Yoroizuka
Here you can see the chefs getting busy with our orders.

Toshi Yoroizuka
finally served!

Toshi Yoroizuka
Millefeuille au Figues – Fig ice cream dessert with a crispy pie

Toshi Yoroizuka
fleur de peche – Peach with lychee and yogurt ice cream with white wine jelly.

Toshi Yoroizuka
Gorgonzola Pistache – round shortbread with pistachio ice cream with TY intital biscuits.

Toshi Yoroizuka
Toshi Yoroizuka
souffle – simple and plain from the looks but a taste of soft spongy cake with a tinge of sour sweet raspberry puree……..something that you need skills with.

Address:Toshi Yoroizuka Mid Town (トシ ヨロイヅカ)東京都港区赤坂9-7-2 東京ミッドタウン・イースト 1F

Reflection at outdoor patio of Roppongi Midtown, perfect place to sit down to sip a cuppa while enjoying the cooler weather after a hot summer.


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