Rigoletto Bar And Grill (リゴレット バー アンド グリル)

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
It is almost impossible to get a reservation for the window seat with a Tokyo Tower view for this popular restaurant unless you choose a early weekday slot. For weekends, you have to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
This restaurant is also part of the chain for Hacienda del cielo in Daikanyam and RIGOLETTO ROTISSERIE AND WINE Skytree at the Skytree so the menus are almost similar. Due to their location in Roppongi, cheap drinks and 500JPY tapas, no wonder it is a hit with locals and foreigners working in the area.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
So in a span of 2 weeks, I visited this place twice just because it was accessible and cheap. The first time was brought by my girlfriends and the second time for Sushi san. So here’s what I ate for the 2 times I visited, everything for 500JPY a plate. Crema Batida – mashed foie gras with liver with a berry sauce served with toasted bread.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
Squid with black ink sauce, also required to be served with some toasted Baguette. One of the recommended items off the menu.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
Croquettes of Crab and cream with green curry sauce – a fusion of something Asian spices with deep fried crab and cream.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
Hot spiced chicken, only for those tastebuds that can take spicy food. It is so tiny that I think they sell half of a tiny chicken wing as one. 6 pcs go for 500JPY and we polished off our 12 pieces in a matter of minutes with fire in our mouths 😛

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
Sauteed whitebait with okura, highly recommeded dish. You mixed the onsen egg with the whitebait and okura and paired it with your baguette. IT is really delicious and I didn’t get to eat it the first time we went as it was sold out. Hoping to replicate this dish at home some day.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
Ajillo of whelk and shitake mushroom, if you like the boiling hot olive oil dip to go with your baguette. A refreshing change from the usual shrimp Ajillo.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
Salmon and Porcini mushroom cream sauce pasta (1200JPY)

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
Homemade Tuna Nicose with Poached egg.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
A bowl of steaming hot clam chowder to end our filled tummies.

Rigoletto Bar & Grill
お疲れさまでした!The reason for heading over to this restaurant with affordable food and great Tokyo tower view was to give him a pat on the back for his previous job and to celebrate his next opportunity.

Address:RIGOLETTO BAR AND GRILL (リゴレット バー アンド グリル)東京都港区六本木6-10-1 六本木ヒルズ ウエストウォーク 5F


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