Kusatsu Onsen Overnight Trip- Day 2 (草津温泉)

Kusatsu Onsen
1 of the greatest enjoyment for staying overnight in a ryokan is that you just relax, soak in a hot bath, eat, sleep, wakeup and cycle repeats.

Kusatsu Onsen
Breakfast served that morning.

Kusatsu Onsen
Light clear tofu soup for breakfast….

Kusatsu Onsen
healthy breakfast

Kusatsu Onsen
Lounge corner where you can help yourself to the free coffee and leg hot bath soak.

Kusatsu Onsen

Sainokawara Park (西の河原公園, Sainokawara Kōen) covers a valley not far from Kusatsu town center, where several hot spring sources and a large outdoor bath are located. Walking trails around the upper part of the park lead through the nice natural landscapes. Hot spring water can be seen bubbling to the surface here and there, collecting into hot water pools and running down the valley in warm streams before joining the central mountain stream. There is also a small waterfall fed by hot water.

Japan Guide

Kusatsu Onsen
Would be even prettier when the leaves turn a fiery red, we were there early October where the colors were yet to turn full red.

Kusatsu Onsen
A nice photo captured by Sushi papa.

Kusatsu Onsen
The actual spot where I also turn a similar photo back in 2008, didn’t expect to be back here at the same place with a life so changed….the unpredictable life 🙂

Kusatsu Onsen
I so miss autumn in Japan.


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