Sugamo Tokiwa Shokudo (巣鴨ときわ食堂 駒込店)

komagome dinner
Apparently this is quite a famous shop from neighboring Sumgano, this little Japanese home style food cafeteria has been drawing quite a bit of crowd since it opened in my neighborhood in September.

komagome dinner
The chef recommended set of fried shrimp rice set for 1280JPY, complete with rice and soup. Like most eatery in Japan, you can ask for 1 rice re-fill.

komagome dinner
We visited in season where sanma (サンマ / 秋刀魚) was in season, which is Autumn. The fish are supposed to reach their prime fatty season. You can get a Sanma fish set freshly grilled with a wait time of 15 minutes after you place your order.

komagome dinner
The place was serving food that almost tasted like from a Japanese home kitchen that we shortly visited it again since we would be moving away soon. This time, we got the fried oyster set.

komagome dinner
Stew sea bass rice set was also available. Anything that is served from home is almost available in their menus here. No wonder it is such a big hit in the neighborhood, especially in the late hours like 9-10pm where most of the salarymen would drop in for their later dinner (supper) before heading home.

Address:巣鴨ときわ食堂 駒込店東京都豊島区駒込3-3-21 1F


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